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Facebook "KALS" Group
If you would like to connect with other teens and young adults who have or have had a parent with ALS, there is a group called “KALS” on Facebook, which stand for Kids of ALS. To find out more about KALS, or to join the group, you can obtain access by going to:

Sign in if you have a Facebook account and search for the KALS group. If you do not have an account, you can first create one, and then search for the group.

However, please note when you click onto the Facebook link, you are leaving the als411 web site. This Facebook group is completely independent of and not moderated by the ALS Society of Canada. Entries on Facebook made by members of the KALS group do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the ALS Society of Canada.

ClickaFund 4 ALS
If you would like to contact someone who knows what it's like to have a parent with ALS click here:

This site was created by a young Canadian person whose mom had ALS. She is available to answer your questions, or just listen to your story. She is developing a network of young people affected by ALS, so join her effort today!

Shana & Alix
Hey, we're Shana & Alix! We met while Alix, a nurse at Sunnybrook, was the clinical instructor for a group of University of Toronto nursing students that Shana was a part of. While talking one day, we discovered that we both lost our fathers to ALS. Shana's father was diagnosed in 2005 when she was in 2nd year university. Alix's father was diagnosed in 1998 when she was 14 years old. We began to realize the importance of having someone to talk to that understood what we had gone through as it is such a unique experience. So, here we are! We want to help other people like us. We're here to answer questions about anything whether its about the disease, the experience, or what its like to be a teenager/young adult with a parent suffering from ALS, or if its just to have an ear to listen to you - send us a line!

Contact Shana and Alix at:

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