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Life definitely changes when you find out your parent has ALS. It’s not easy and things may feel different around your house, but the ALS Society of Canada is here to help you feel a little less alone, scared, angry, and confused. Visiting this web site is an important step in learning more about ALS and coming to terms with how your life is changing.

We can’t make the ALS diagnosis go away, or the disappointments that come with it, but we do know this tough situation will reveal opportunities to experience many positive things. It may seem hard to imagine now, but it’s the truth, so stay open to the idea!

You may also find it annoying when people will try to help you or tell you to “stay strong.” That’s understandable, but you may just find some comfort in their efforts which will give you the support you need. Looking forward to a bright, hopeful future for your self is definitely possible.

We hope the als411 web site gives you the support and encouragement you may be looking for. Most importantly, know that:



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